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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abandoned; Part II

Or is it three? My obsession with abandoned houses has been mentioned here at least that many times. Here is yet another link: 100 Abandoned Houses. There is something about old houses that I love...the stories of the lives that have been lived there; the history within the walls. Old homes have character and patina not found in the new, master-planned, cookie-cutter neighborhoods that have sprung up all over America. (And I live in one of those planned, cookie-cutter communities so I can knock them.)

I long to have a home like one of these some day: unique, historic, broken-in. A home that has its own identity and doesn't look exactly like the one next to it. A home with a swing on the front porch and linen curtains blowing with the breeze. With a stone fireplace for hanging Christmas stockings and a window seat lined with comfy cushions- perfect for watching storms from. A home with a big country kitchen ideal for baking homemade bread and pies.

A home where, if you listen close, you can still hear the voices of lives lived whispering in the walls.


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