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Thursday, May 27, 2010

sleeping on it

How true these words are. I've spent many up-in-the-middle-of-the-night hours lately worrying about cars and money and jobs and school. Three am has often found me sitting at my desk, working and re-working budgets, reviewing syllabi's, calculating down and monthly payments for a new car, making lists of lists that need to be made. See, things have been a bit chaotic and I've not been able to organize, categorize, and easily reference everything that's been going on. I thrive on multi-tasking and having a lot to do, but only when I can neatly compartmentalize everything. Lately that skill has been eluding me.

It's not helping that things are changing so quickly. In the past five days I've bought a new car, switched over to a BlackBerry (and if you think that isn't a big move...try it), received a promotion, lost an education grant, colored and cut my hair, freaked out over money and had unpleasant and unwelcome encounter from a boy from my past.

It's not all bad. But it's not all good, either. That's just the way life goes. You roll with whatever comes your way and work your tail off to make everything work. That's not a new concept for me.

And all those sleepless nights? Well, everything is better in the morning. Maybe not okay, but definitely more manageable and less panic-inducing.

And somedays that's all we can hope for.


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