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Thursday, June 10, 2010

burst of color

Lately I've been feeling the need to add color to LindsyLand. And, as always, Anthroplogie hasn't let me down:

The little kid in me adores these place mats, but I'm not sure I can cough up $18 for one, let alone $108 for six (yes, I had to find a calculator to do the math). And that little kid in me would need to sell a lot of lemonade to raise that much.

Confession? I've had these dishtowels since I bought the house but was afraid of all the colors. Not so anymore. In fact, I'm thinking I might bunch them all up together like this on the oven handle. THAT would be a burst of color. Even better? The floral prints are fairly subtle making them much easier for this non-floral print lover to handle.

Doesn't just looking at this post make you happy? And want to buy bubbles and sidewalk chalk and eat Popsicles? It does me!


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