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Monday, June 21, 2010

the good stuff

I was lucky to spend Sunday with this crazy family, the Turners. Nikki, Bailey, Alex and Luke. We saw Prince of Persia (which was pretty good in my book), had lunch at Wendy's and then went swimming in the pool that I, despite living in the new place for almost a year, I have never been to. It was a spectacular day and made my realize two things: 1) yes, I want kids...but can I have those three in the picture instead of making my own? Not sure mine could ever be as cool/cute/adorable as the Turner kids are. And 2) I wish I lived closer to Nikki. NO, Nikki, I'm not moving to Utah, but maybe, when Kev retires, we can get beach houses next to each other in Oregon. I'm totally on board with that.

And that beach house in Oregon? If it came with this man, I wouldn't mind. Not at all.

Thank you for a wonderful day!! Love you guys tons!!


Blogger Nikki said...

Hey Thanks!! We had a great time too. Love the pictures. We should have started that earlier! I still need to download the ones from my camera. Good times. Wish we lived closer too. Would love to be neighbors in Oregon. How fun would that be?? "Kids..you're driving me crazy. Go see Aunt Lindsy." It's got a nice ring. We love ya too! Thanks for being an awesome hostess with the mostess!

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