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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sundance Envy

This is certainly not the first time Sundance Catalog has made an appearance on my blog. You might recall me waxing philosophical (or just plain envious) about the Draper's Cabinet here. The rustic, artsy, vintage, unique element to their products sucks me in every time. Most of the items I fall madly, deeply in love with are entirely too far out of my price range to consider. But a girl can dream. And fantasize. And post pictures on her blog.
How lovely would this be to hold the room keys at my B&B. Which I don't own. Yet. So, in the meantime, maybe jewelry? Or spools of ribbon?

This end table will be prominently featured in an ocean-themed (sans seashells...cause seashells give me the heebie-jeebies) bedroom when I have a bigger home and/or open the aforementioned B&B.

Of course I'll need this to organize my produce. Or knitting supplies. Or whatever.

I love maps. I love globes. I love atlases. This one is already in my glove compartment.

Apparently this sweater is no longer available, but it was on my wish list. And now that it is sold out I can lament the fact that I never got to purchase it. Although I never would have (it was over $150) unless I had won the lottery.


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