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Thursday, January 12, 2006


The word of the day is "fluff". After two weeks of gut-wrenching, heart-breaking emotions, I need to post fluff. So here goes:

* Loving my new Cocomotion machine! It rocks.
* It's a long weekend coming up. Woo-hoo.
* I'm a sleep whore lately. I can't seem to wake-up and/or get out of bed. It's impossible.
* Classes start on Tuesday. At this rate, I should graduate in the Spring of 2007. 13 years for a Bachelor's degree....Oy!
* If you've not heard Sheryl Crow's new CD Wildflower, I highly recommend it.
* Sally Jean has released her new Valentine charms...so adorable.
* I think I found the new Xterra I want, so I'm going to look at it this weekend.

That's all, for now.


Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

i think we all need {fluff} days ;-) what a great random little post. i'm partial to Nissans myself!

10:56 AM


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