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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Even though my birthday isn't until next week, my crazy crew of friends decided to surprise me on Saturday night with a birthday dinner. This is how it all went down: Kirst and I decided to go see X Files Saturday night. She suggested we go to dinner first and then asked where I would like to eat. I chose Texas Roadhouse because I had never been there and it looked like my kind of place.

Fast forward to Saturday night. The restaurant is PACKED when we walk it but, oddly, we are immediately shown to a table. I'm walking behind Kirst and her husband so I don't notice for a moment that the table the hostess has brought us to is full. Full of people I know. Full of people I love dearly. Full of people who used to be my friends. Upon seeing me, they burst into a rousing, unique and not altogether in tune (or in unison) version of "happy birthday."

We all settle down into the meal and, sure enough, the balloon guy comes by. Needless to say, Cory had the balloon maker craft me a 'birthday crown' with the number 32 on top. It was ginormous!
Then, just when I thought everyone had stopped looking at me, the waitress rolls up a saddle. Yes folks, a SADDLE. I refused to get on it for several moments until the waitress informed me she, and her band of cohorts, weren't going anywhere until I got on it. Seeing how my getting on the saddle was the only way to get rid of the crowd around our table (who, incidentally became louder and louder the longer I refused to get on the saddle), I climbed aboard. And now have photographic proof that I succumb easily to peer pressure.

Despite the total embarrassment, it was a good night. Thanks to my crazy crew of friends. Whom I might continue to claim...if they redeem themselves properly.


Blogger Nikki said...

You look good on that saddle! And I LOVE the 32 on top of the balloon. How funny! Glad you had a fun b-day dinner!

11:53 AM


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