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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Navy SEALs, gym sessions and H2O+

  • Sunday night I dreamt I was married to a Navy SEAL. When I told two friends, both of their first responses were, "SEALs are HOT!" True. But, as far as the military goes, the Navy is pretty near the bottom on my list. I will always be an Army girl. Go figure.

  • To prepare for my upcoming marriage to the above-mentioned SEAL, I've started hitting the gym for two hours a day. It's completely kicking my butt but I feel incredible. After only about a week (I started going back to the gym before the dream) I can see the difference in my muscle tone. It's as if the muscle was just smothered by the fat and, now that I'm giving the muscle some energy (translation: weight training), it's fighting it's way from under the fat.

  • I mentioned H2O+ mint shampoo in a previous post, but I neglected to mention their Mint Ice Fitness Cream. Can I just tell you I love this mint stuff. It's so refreshing after a workout and makes my skin feel tingly.

  • For some reason, my iPod Shuffle was playing the same 20 or songs over and over despite my knowledge that I was syncing a playlist of over 350 songs. Last night, I discovered that, unlike my Touch or Nano, you have to actually hit a button after the Shuffle is connected. Now, I have much more variety. And added some new stuff: Pocketful of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield; Wild Again - Starship (from the Cocktail soundtrack); and Glory of Love- Peter Cetera (from the Karate Kid: Part II soundtrack). And odd mixture, I know, but pretty much all music motivates me.

Any suggestions for more "move your butt" music to add?


Blogger Nikki said...

Glory of Love??? What the?? That's just not good work-out music! I love In Da Club, any Kenny, Should Have Put a Ring On It, and more. You need more upbeat music!! :) Glory of Love...what were you thinking??!

8:54 PM


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