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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

It is officially spring break here on campus, but I will continue to work. Because staff doesn't get the week off. I do not, however, have any classes or assignments due this week, so I do get to celebrate a little. My real spring break will be the second I set foot on a 737 headed to Orange County Mar. 28 for a week of sea and Disney fun. Until then, I'll get by.

I will say it is quite nice being on campus with no students. There is very little traffic, short lunch lines, and QUIET. I often overlook how noisy this place is, how charged and vibrant, when full of students. But there is a certain peacefulness in the quiet when they are all gone.

And this is the one week of the year I don't wish I was on a beach...unless it was a tropical, exclusive beach that didn't allow students. :) Because I have no desire to witness the debauchery these young whippersnappers will indulge in this week. Been there. Done that. Grew up.
Sort of.


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