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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Parents

These are my parents, Bob and Sheryl. They were high school sweethearts who broke up right after graduation and found their way back to each other a year and half later. Five months after reigniting the flame, they married, in October of 1970. Yes folks, the rents have been married over 40 years. And this picture is so very typical of them. You see, my dad's hilarious. And off-the-wall. And just plain loopy at times. Forget kids saying the darnedest stuff...in my family, my dad has that honor. And my sweet mother often gives him this look. It's beyond entertaining watching them interact with one another.

This past weekend, mom and dad were at my place. Oh, the fun that was had! Because, in all honesty, I could just sit and listen to them and talk to them and be entertained for hours. That's all it takes. I'm easy to please. Mom cooked and baked for me; dad did some hanging of pictures and minor home repairs. And I just sat back and laughed until I had tears rolling down my cheeks...cheeks that were sore from smiling.

This morning there were more tears because mom and dad were heading home. Oh, how I miss them! After each visit I tell myself that I need to get my rear in gear and move closer. However, "closer" is a relative term in a town that has a population of less than 800. And no true careers and jobs to speak of (unless you are agriculturally inclined...which I'm not). And let's not forget that the nearest mall is an hour and half away. (Not, of course, that I actually like malls. I don't. But the concept of driving that long to shop is foreign to me.)

So, until I snag me a cowboy/rancher/millionaire, I'll remain in close proximity to the city and treasure the moments mom and dad are able to come and spend with me.

And invest in a good tube of water-proof mascara.


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