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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Last night as I was packing for my trip, I thought again how stinking cute my luggage is. Love it. And I love the name of it, too: Ocean Plaid. Nice.

I heard Katy Perry's Hot N Cold for the first time yesterday and had to download it immediately. Now it's running through my head non-stop.

I really, really hate the scale. It says I've gained 5 pounds. I swear, I just might give up and accept being fat.

All school work has been completed until after Spring Break. Now I can start in on all the non-school books that have been anxiously awaiting this moment.

My Billabong patchwork purse and wallet are just about worn out but I can't find a replacement anywhere. :(

I only have 13 classes until I am done with my degree. I really didn't think I was that close but I'll take it. I just registered for summer and fall. My classes? Women in US History, American Foreign Policy, Buddhism, Crime and Violence in American Media, and Sports Psychology. I love my major.

On my way into work today I passed an orange grove and had to roll the windows down. Two of my absolute favorite scents are so prominent right now: orange blossoms and creosote. Yum!


Blogger Nikki said...

Enjoy this high. You are happy..I can tell! Love ya girl! Hope you have a great time with your parents. Tell em' high for me!! :)

8:08 PM


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