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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fitness/Adventure Bucket List

I was listening to the 2/22 podcast from Jillian Michaels and she mentioned creating a fitness "bucket list" capturing all those physical things you want to do. I get this. Having struggled with my weight since I was a teenager, there are many things I've always wanted to do but never have, either because I wasn't physically able to because of my weight or because I was intimidated or afraid of how I would look doing those things. But, as I embark once more on this journey, I've decided to take Jillian's advice and create a fitness/adventure bucket list. Here is what mine looks like so far:

Exum Mountain Guides- my parents live in Glen Exum's previous home, for crying out loud. You think I would have done this by now. I want to start with Multi-Pitch Climbing- Level 1. Not sure how much I would actually enjoy climbing, but I want to give it a try.

Hike Havasupai Falls @ the Grand Canyon- I was all signed up to do this my senior year of high school but the floods came (seriously, look it up) and we weren't able to go. Still want to do it.

Skydiving- no explanation needed here

Rowing on Tempe Town Lake- why haven't I done this yet???

Surfing- again, no explanation

Dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly- fully clothed and sober, of course
I'm certain I will think of more...


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