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Friday, April 02, 2010

Falling in love...all over again

For my 29th birthday, Erin and I went to Newport Beach for the weekend. While there, we stumbled upon a little beach community called Corona del Mar. Imagine my surprise and absolute delight when, after almost missing my flight to Orange County Sunday morning, I found myself once again in this charming village. And I fell in love all over again.

My goodness! The ocean, the beach, and the homes. Oh, the homes! I wanted to spend hours walking up and down the streets of Corona del Mar just taking pictures and imagining myself someday living in one of those quaint seaside cottages. CDM just oozes charm. I could easily picture myself on one of the nautical front porches, curled up in a wicker rocker, wearing a maxi dress and a warm sweater, watching the tide roll in on the beach to the west. Family barbeques on the balcony with grilled chicken kabobs and fruit salad. Snuggling up in a window seat and watching a storm roll across the ocean.

When we returned to the hotel in Anaheim, I did a little digging and my fears were confirmed: I will either need to win the lottery or rob a bank in order to purchase one of those lovely homes. But, heck, a girl can dream.
Oh, and check out the house above here. For a cool $4.2M, the place can be yours.


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