{the story of a girl}

Thursday, September 27, 2007

that's what friends are for

Me: I watched the strangest movie last night. It was about a classical music critic and lector who meets a country singer, has a one night stand and gets pregnant. Then, she decides to give the baby to her best friend and her husband who can’t have children. It was really ironic because I would TOTALLY have a one night stand with a country singer just to get you a baby. If I had to. Which I don’t have to. But can I still have the one night stand?

Erin: LOL....Yes, you have my blessing. :-)

Me: Whew. Thanks, I was worried

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vietnam Conflict

I have a penchant for history; most especially the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. I took classes on the subject in both high school and my early college career. Several of my favorite books, movies and discs have Vietnam themes. Given this information it seemed only natural that, my first year back in college, I would take yet another class on the Vietnam war. After all, I've been asked, how much can you learn about this subject. My answer? Not enough.

With every book I read, every movie I see, more questions are raised than answered. At this point I can safely assume that, despite all my research, both academic and private, I will never fully understand this war and how it changed our nation. I long to visit Vietnam for myself; to experience the country that enticed so many young men to re-up again and again.

Because my recent trip to Chicago was postponed, I went ahead and did something I'd planned on doing there. I sponsored a dog tag at the Above & Beyond Memorial at The National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. I can't wait to see this tribute when I make it to Chicago.

One of my favorite pieces of art is this one by Lee Teter. The first time I saw it I was 16 and it stopped me in my tracks. I stood in front of the poster store in a mall with tears rolling down my cheeks. Someday I will own this amazing, haunting piece.