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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Let me preface this post by saying I am horrible at remembering where I found images online. I simply save them to an "inspiration" folder and move on to the next image. NONE of these images are mine but they all inspire me.

Love this card by Susan Weinroth. Her use of color is truly inspiring.

Barn. Wreath. Candles. Flowy fabric. Need I say more?

Someday, when I own a farmhouse in the country (is that redundant?), I will have a room or porch exactly like this for company. With the possible addition of milk jars overflowing with wildflowers.

These stools rock. Genuis.

The library in Diane Keaton's home, found at Hooked on Houses...which is an addictive site. You've been warned.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abandoned; Part II

Or is it three? My obsession with abandoned houses has been mentioned here at least that many times. Here is yet another link: 100 Abandoned Houses. There is something about old houses that I love...the stories of the lives that have been lived there; the history within the walls. Old homes have character and patina not found in the new, master-planned, cookie-cutter neighborhoods that have sprung up all over America. (And I live in one of those planned, cookie-cutter communities so I can knock them.)

I long to have a home like one of these some day: unique, historic, broken-in. A home that has its own identity and doesn't look exactly like the one next to it. A home with a swing on the front porch and linen curtains blowing with the breeze. With a stone fireplace for hanging Christmas stockings and a window seat lined with comfy cushions- perfect for watching storms from. A home with a big country kitchen ideal for baking homemade bread and pies.

A home where, if you listen close, you can still hear the voices of lives lived whispering in the walls.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

boy bands and teen beat

Remember when you were a teenager and cut pictures of boy bands out of "Teen Beat" magazine? Well, welcome to the 20th century where, instead of cutting pictures of of magazines, girls download them from the Internet. As do, apparently, grown women.

And add strange, creepy captions when one of their friends thinks they can "steal" away their crush.

Monday, June 21, 2010

the good stuff

I was lucky to spend Sunday with this crazy family, the Turners. Nikki, Bailey, Alex and Luke. We saw Prince of Persia (which was pretty good in my book), had lunch at Wendy's and then went swimming in the pool that I, despite living in the new place for almost a year, I have never been to. It was a spectacular day and made my realize two things: 1) yes, I want kids...but can I have those three in the picture instead of making my own? Not sure mine could ever be as cool/cute/adorable as the Turner kids are. And 2) I wish I lived closer to Nikki. NO, Nikki, I'm not moving to Utah, but maybe, when Kev retires, we can get beach houses next to each other in Oregon. I'm totally on board with that.

And that beach house in Oregon? If it came with this man, I wouldn't mind. Not at all.

Thank you for a wonderful day!! Love you guys tons!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

smoldering hues and amy butler

Even if this shower curtain didn't have a name as fantastic as smoldering hues, I would still lust after it. Of course, at $118, this may turn into an unrequited love.

And these towels would be fabulous with the curtain, don't you think? At $12.99, they are much more in my price range. Thank you Amy Butler.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what i'm reading

Perhaps the title of this post should be "what i've read" since what I am currently reading (books on the mafia, organized crime, and research methodology) probably aren't of enormous interest. However, I just finished The Sweet By and By by country music artist Sara Evans over the weekend and wanted to share my thoughts...not that anyone cares but I will anyway.

First impression? Good, entertaining book. Rich characters. I'm a country girl so the setting and main character, Jade's, childhood (setting, anyway) appealed to me. The book is essentially about a late-twenties woman, Jade, preparing to marry her dream man, a Tennessee lawyer, but also beginning to deal with a past that has haunted her for years. It's a clean story but hits on some very sensitive subjects. The romance isn't too lovey-dovey and the religious aspect is well-done.

Overall impression? I enjoyed the book. It was a quick, easy, read.

Oh, and the fact that the first chapter mentioned Oakleys, Apple (Macs), a town named Whisper Hollow, a vintage shop and lime green sticky notes didn't hurt. ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

chloe jane handmade

A couple of weeks ago I fell in like, lust, love with the handmade, patchwork bags at Etsy in Chloe Jane Handmade's shop. All of the bags were adorable, but I was after a specific color combination. I convod the shop owner, Emily, and she went to great lengths to find the fabric I was after and make me my very own Chloe Jane Handmade bag. Isn't it adorable? Don't you want one? In addition to the bags, there are blankets and zippered pouches and the cleverest little pillows for leaving a tooth for the Tooth Fairy.

Go check it out. Now. You'll thank me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

color me happy

I'm beginning to think I'm addicted to color.

These Apple Socks will dress up that plain Jane white iPod Classic that's on my shopping list.
Cavallini. Ah, Cavallini. Their papers and notebooks and clips and vintage tins make me drool. As do these Moderno journals. Lovely.

Friday, June 11, 2010

and even more color

Since Anthropologie will be colorizing my kitchen, why not colorize me as well?

(Pssst. I stopped at Anthropologie on the way home last night and checked out the place mats in the post below. They are even more adorable in person. I wonder how much a girl can get for a kidney these days...)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

burst of color

Lately I've been feeling the need to add color to LindsyLand. And, as always, Anthroplogie hasn't let me down:

The little kid in me adores these place mats, but I'm not sure I can cough up $18 for one, let alone $108 for six (yes, I had to find a calculator to do the math). And that little kid in me would need to sell a lot of lemonade to raise that much.

Confession? I've had these dishtowels since I bought the house but was afraid of all the colors. Not so anymore. In fact, I'm thinking I might bunch them all up together like this on the oven handle. THAT would be a burst of color. Even better? The floral prints are fairly subtle making them much easier for this non-floral print lover to handle.

Doesn't just looking at this post make you happy? And want to buy bubbles and sidewalk chalk and eat Popsicles? It does me!

Monday, June 07, 2010

going soft

Last week a friend told me I've gone all "kind, and soft, and mushy and cookie-baking." And he's right. I'm in this odd little alternate universe where I want to stay home and bake and clean and organize. I want to cuddle up on the couch and watch romantic Ashton Krutcher movies and fairy tales (think Ever After). I'm listening to love songs and wearing my hair curly and NOT wearing black. It's odd, this softness. I need to get to the bottom of it and quickly, before I lose my cutting wit and sass. And before I gain 5 pounds from sampling everything I bake.