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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Boondock Saints

Have you seen The Boondock Saints? If not, I recommend it...as long as you aren't offended by violence and language. The genuis of the movie is that the brothers are devout Catholics and religiously motivated. They truly feel as if they are God's avengers, taking out the crimial element.

What I'm about to admit may make me appear odd and dark, but I am, and always have been, enamoured with what I call the "good bad guy." The man in the movies or books or history who is doing what could essentially be called the wrong thing for the right reason. The man who believes in truth and justice. The man who risks his own life to fight for what is right. Vigilantes, rogue soldiers, etc.- to some degree they all fit my "good bad guy" theory. The brothers in The Boondock Saints are no exception. They fact that they are spiritual, Irish, tattooed and doesn't hurt either.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Six Months

Six months ago I made one of the toughest, most gut- and heart-wrenching decisions I have ever had to make. And not one day in the last six months has gone by without that man weaving his way into my thoughts and, often, into my dreams. In quiet moments I can't help but wonder if he still thinks about me. If he wishes things had ended differently and we were able to keep our friendship. If he misses me the way I find myself missing him. Two years spent countries apart and we were closer then than we are now, only five miles apart.

Some days life just bites.

But tomorrow is always fresh.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Angel Wings

I have a thing for angel wings. Not the actual angels, just the wings. I found the coolest statue (I can't think of what else to call it) on-line at Z Gallerie but they are all sold out, on-line and in stores. Bummer. I'll probably have to wait until Christmas to score some angel wing treasures.

I wonder why I am fascinated by angel wings. It could be that angels have wings to identify them as heavenly messengers, and I'm always up for a good message from heaven. Or the intrigue could be a byproduct of my slightly creepy fixation on the nephilim- the children of fallen angels and mortal women. Which has often led me to wonder if all fallen angels are male. If not, that couldn't a female fallen angel become impregnated by a human male and hence give birth to a nephilim?
Yes, these are the types of things I ponder when I have a free moment in my brain.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

It is officially spring break here on campus, but I will continue to work. Because staff doesn't get the week off. I do not, however, have any classes or assignments due this week, so I do get to celebrate a little. My real spring break will be the second I set foot on a 737 headed to Orange County Mar. 28 for a week of sea and Disney fun. Until then, I'll get by.

I will say it is quite nice being on campus with no students. There is very little traffic, short lunch lines, and QUIET. I often overlook how noisy this place is, how charged and vibrant, when full of students. But there is a certain peacefulness in the quiet when they are all gone.

And this is the one week of the year I don't wish I was on a beach...unless it was a tropical, exclusive beach that didn't allow students. :) Because I have no desire to witness the debauchery these young whippersnappers will indulge in this week. Been there. Done that. Grew up.
Sort of.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

too much of a good thing

I want this. Badly. But both bathrooms already have soap dispensers that match my decor and the kitchen not only has a built-in soap dispenser in the sink, it also has a cute soap/lotion set in a rack that matches the rest of the kitchen. So where on earth would I put this? What on earth would I put in it? I am open to suggestions that would lead to the justification of me purchasing this item. {wink, wink}

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Style File

I admit, I watch movies as much for style as for entertainment. I love to see set designs and wardrobe choices. Nora Ephron is a favorite for cute, sweet stories with set designs to match and Colleen Atwood is, by far, one of my favorite designers. Attention to detail is one of my downfalls, so I notice little things like set and wardrobe design in movies. Yes, it can get annoying being distracted by a particularly lovely desk set and miss the entire plot of the movie.

This morning as I was trying to decide what to wear (it's gray, rainy, and gloomy), I envisioned what my perfect wardrobe would consist of. And, curiously, the lead characters in two movies stood out: Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic and Catherine Bell in The Good Witch and The Good Witch's Garden. I say curious because both characters are witches living in small towns with similar physical attributes (dark eyes, long-ish brown hair) and both have a simple, classic style that I would love to emulate. In fact, when compared with my own style, I would have to say it's closer to The Good Witch than Practical Magic. Lots of classic, solid colors with splashes of funky, antique, unique accessories. But the prints Bullock wears in Practical Magic are so down-to-earth they can't be discounted.

Other favorites? Julia Roberts in Stepmom; Liv Tyler in Armageddon (what I wouldn't give for her dresses in that film, especially the wedding gown); Nicole Kidman in Bewitched; Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor; and Reese Witherspoon in Just Like Heaven, Sweet Home Alabama and Walk the Line.

What was the point of this post? I don't know, really. Just random musings from my somewhat cluttered mind.

Oh, and speaking of Practical Magic, check out the house style here. And I'm really loving that chair in the picture up top.

Monday, March 08, 2010

round 1

This is the trail that took me in a 4.5 mile loop through the desert. This is the trail that I ran in intervals every two minutes or so. This is the trail that runs through washes that make me feel my behind getting tighter. This is the trail that, right now, is impossibly green and beautiful but will turn brown and scary (rattlesnakes, scorpions, oh my!) in just a month or two. But right now, I am having a love affair with this trail. It's a delicious little secret we have, this trail and I. Each stride pushes more of my desire, my anger, my determination into the desert soil. And in return, the trail yields me increased lung capacity, tighter muscles and clarity of mind.

It's a good thing we've got going, this trail and I.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Couch to 5K

Starting Monday, Mar. 8, I am beginning the couch to 5K program. When I lost those 70 pounds (of which 30 have returned...boo), I loved to run. Granted, I couldn't run for long. The longest I could go was about five minutes before I would have to slow to a walk. Two things in my defense though: 1) I always ran almost all-out...I didn't do a slow jog because 2) I was doing interval training- walk for a minute, run--hard--for two minutes, repeat for 45 minutes. All things considered, if I had slowed my pace, I probably could have ran longer. Oh well. Bygones.

Now, however, there is this couch to 5K program that has lit a fire under me, along with a certain man telling me I "can't keep up" with him. Let me just prove you wrong on that, mister. Seriously. There is nothing like someone saying you can't do something to make you want to gut it out. Hard core.

Of course, I need some gear: a new pair of running shoes, compression shorts (because I have entirely too much "stuff" wiggling when I run), a cute outfit or two from Athleta, a new iPod and maybe even Nike +. Because I am in this. This time, it's all mine. And that 5K in May or June? I'm going to shred it.

And because I've always loved Nike's ads, here's a bit of inspiration: (well, it's up top because there is something wrong with my formatting abilities at the current moment).

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oakley Obsessed

I have an obsession with Oakley that is almost as disturbing as my obsession with Vietnam. Yesterday, I became a fan of O on Facebook. And they have pictures of their headquarters. How can I not want to work here? Better question, how come I'm not????