{the story of a girl}

Friday, April 27, 2007

this girl dreams.

* My mind's a million miles away right now. It's dreaming of dropping the top on the Beetle and driving up to Payson. It's decorating the little ranch house I will someday own. It's remembering what it was like to graduate high school (many years ago). Basically, it's doing everything but what it should be (which is creating an FY 08 annual plan).

* I had an odd dream last night. But, before I get to last night's dream, I have to backtrack. Tuesday and Wednesday, I had nightmares. Not there's-a-monster-in-my-closet nightmares, but nightmares that revolve around my fears and the evolution of those fears into reality. Needless to say, last night I was a bit hesitant to close my eyes. But, I had a rather sweet dream. I dreamt I was pregnant and getting married (backwards, I know) to a very sweet, good guy. Because I was pregnant, we decided on a quick destination wedding and went to Cancun. It was beautiful- not a soul around but us and our families. It had all the dream-like qualities that make it stunning. I woke up this morning feeling very calm and content. A definite change from the past two mornings.

* These cute little things are waiting for me at home:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

girl in waiting.

1. Waiting to hear back about my grant. Anxiously waiting. That grant would make a world of difference next school year.

2. I have an appointment with my advisor next Monday during which I'll probably be asked, "What are your goals?" And I will answer, with a sweet, innocent smile, "To rule the world."

3. A good friend is getting married Saturday and I'm happy for him and his bride-to-be. But, at the same time, I dread weddings. Just another event that reminds me of singlehood. To buffer the sadness, I bought a new pair of shoes. New shoes make everything better.

4. Spring semester is wrapping up so that means two things: 1) tons of events (that are overwhelming me and keeping me up at night) and 2) campus will soon be A LOT less busy. Phew- I made it through another semester.

5. Speaking of summer (well, I wasn't really...but the end of the semester means summer vacation), I just booked my flight to Wyoming for July. Ten entire days of mountains, sleeping in, fishing, golfing, driving my dad's big truck and bickering with my mother. Let the games begin.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

gods in Alabama.

I picked this book off the shelf last weekend because I liked the cover; it reminded me of home. Of course, I've been engrossed in it for the past couple of days; reading long into the night, on the stationary bike at the gym, and on-line for a taco at Taco Time. I think we all take something different away from every book we read. Our opinions and thoughts on each piece of literature are formed through of our own particular frame-of-reference. And, for me, I closed this book realizing that, sometimes, we write a story in our head of the way a certain event transpired and we blind ourselves to the reality of the situation. And, sometimes, our perception of the event can wound us for years until finally, one day, the truth is told. And our hearts are freed.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

new releases.

Can't wait for:

Spider-Man 3 on May 4
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End on May 25
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Jul. 21
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer on Aug. 7

It is going to be a gooooood summer.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lady rider.

Several times lately, I've seen a curious site around my neighborhood. An older lady riding a motorcycle that looks more like a tricycle. She must be in her mid- to late-sixties, and yet there she goes; riding down the street on her bike. The lady on the bike wears brightly colored pants, loud floral patterned shirts and, the best part, a black leather vest that is emblazoned with "Lady Rider" and roses. Oh, and I can't forget the scarf she has tied around her neck just under her helmet.

Yes, Lady Rider is quite a site. I find myself extremely interested in her and her story. She seems to not give a hoot what others think and obviously enjoys tooling around town on her bike. And I find myself wishing for that level of joy in my life.