{the story of a girl}

Thursday, October 28, 2010

leavin' on a jet plane

I'm heading north to brave the snow, jello, and fake sweet voices of Utah for this babycakes and her crazy-awesome family. But not without a bit of trepidation. There have been mentions of duct tape and scissors and her devil-may-care five year-old frightens me a bit. Good thing he's so stinking adorable, just like the rest of her offspring. And the babycakes herself, well, having known me since I was a wee freshman in high school, she has a tale or two to tell on me...hence, why I keep her around as my bestie. That and the fact that we often share the same irreverent, hell-raising, punkish attitude. I almost feel bad for her daughter's class (we are helping at their Halloween party) and their church ward (their Halloween shindig is tomorrow night). Almost.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Along for the Ride

I really, really hope anthropologie has these ornaments again this year because I would buy every letter of the alphabet and spell out random sayings on my mother's Christmas tree. Sayings that would confuse her and drive her out of her mind. Cause I kinda like driving my mother out of her mind. It's fun. (P.S.- Previously mentioned mother is still mad at me because on my recent trip home I couldn't stop myself from correcting all the spelling and grammar mistakes -in red ink- on the post-it notes she left on fridge.)

Confession: There are parts of pop culture I'm obsessed with. I can't tell you who the hell Justin Bieber is or what he sings or why he's so newsworthly, but I'm kinda addicted to L.A. Ink. And tattoos. So I pre-ordered this on Amazon. Her first book was decent...and it's currently placed on my bookshelf next to a book of baby names. Don't judge.

Other randomness:
* I was called an intolerant Nazi today for suggesting that implant contraceptives be mandatory for women on welfare.
* My beautiful, adorable, sexy (why guys like it so much I don't know) nose stud has grown a bump that is bigger than the actual jewelry. I'm upset and aggro and just want the damn thing gone. The bump not the piercing. That piercing was years in the works and I ain't giving it up without a fight.
* I have free flights on Southwest and Delta. Now to just decide where to go.
* How have I never invested that much time in John Mayer and Jack Johnson before? Kinda digging them both right now.
* Actual FB status this week: The question my professor assigned me for my Ethical Issues in Religious Traditions mid-term: "Define and discuss the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to all artificial methods of contraception." I do believe my professor just pulled my soap box out of the closet, dusted it off, set it center stage and handed me a microphone. This is going to be fun.